Tuesday, October 5, 2010

time for hibernation?

doesn't seem like i've been updating the site as regular as i'd like. but then i haven't been getting much work done. i'd resolved to use as little motorised transport as possible at the beginning of the year but in the last few months i seem to be on bus journeys every third day. its sort of depressing me. and not cooking my own dinners, buying crap imported food in centras (how hard is it to grow a bloody apple in ireland...) and sleeping on people's couches. feel like hibernating for the winter. try and finish some projects piling up in my head. i've also let the Gulf fund slide. I wasn't getting much interest or feedback, but I haven't been giving it the attention it deserves, I'll put something up tomorrow for it. The Laboured Error series, I had hoped to exhibit somewhere and have half the proceeds go to the GRN, but knowing my usual artistical agoraphobia, i might just sell them through the site.

Excuse the dreary tone. I'm a little knarky this week. so here's some good things;

this book looks amazing. so so pretty; I WONDER

I had never heard of Lu Cong before. shame on me. Check out his stunning portraits. And some lovely line drawings on his Flickr page.

here's some sketchbook things from the weekend;

playing with Bouts in Twisted Pepper for HWCH on Saturday night. It's part of the festival, so for anyone planning on going, you'd need to get a ticket. practice is going well, should be a good night. can't remember last time i played on a stage...

i'm now going to do some painting to the sound of the new Threadpulls album.

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