Friday, October 15, 2010

there are certainly traces of my passing

lost a few minutes earlier staring at patterns of paint on my desk. i'm tempted to cut it up into sections and frame it. i have actual fruits of producticiousness to share too, but, worryingly, i think these are possibly more interesting;

this one was only slightly edited

there's a mosaic of wood, tile and card spreading across my floor. will have lots of fun things to share soon.

here's one newbie i'm particularly fond of;

working on making my site neater. slowly, since i've actual work to do. at the minute what i have up is a bit all over the place, so going to have just a simple one page site, with links outbound and maybe just a seperate projects section that will pretty much be the old site. it'll look something like this;

1 comment:

Chris Flynn said...

Love that new one B, site looks cool too.

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