Thursday, October 28, 2010

The expendable adventures of emily

with hopeful purpose to focus my head toward the telling of stories, particularly that of our dear friend emily, i'm going to give myself a weekly deadline to post some form of comic/graphic story. there are no real specifics, it may be a single panel or series of pages, with or without text, they mightn't even have anything to do with emily, or bear any relevence to the over-lying story of hers that i'd like to tell, they just have to have something that resembles a narrative. i'm not good with structure or communications, so its really just for my own sake to train my brain towards embracing the idea of beginnings and endings. main problem with telling emily's story is that she does very little. a great deal of sitting, waiting, remembering. of course some days are more memorable than others...

(obviously this merely hints at the intense emotional opera magna to come...)

while we're on the subject.... thanks to a new graphic novel section in monaghan library, recently been reading stories by adrian tomine and guy delisle, and skim by mariko and jillian tamaki. adrian's books, "shortcomings" and "sleepwalk", i would especially recommend, whether you're a fan of graphic novels or not. "sleepwalk" is full of these short stories that are really simple on the surface but packed with meaning. he has an amazing way of dealing with the more sober anxieties and idiosynchracies of human relationships.

and from a regular source of inspiration, fallen fliers.

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