Friday, July 30, 2010

colours of emily

acrylic and matte emulsion on wood. 40cm x 39cm

acrylic painting on recycled card | 12.5cm x 24.5cm (5 x 9 inches)

acrylic painting on recycled card | 12.5cm x 24.5cm (5 x 9 inches)

Here's a little series of heads in pencil and acrylic on small box canvases kindly given to me by a friend. hopefully should have them finished later for Sunday's market.

This was just from a sketch i did earlier in the week. its been a while since i messed about with pictures in photoshop. i'm quite happy with this one though. might do a series of prints.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gulf Fund Sale - SOLD

"Another kind of living"

This pen drawing and watercolour, on A4 recycled, carbon neutral paper, is this weeks donation to the Gulf Restoration Network. All money offered goes straight to aid recovery from the BP spill.

There were no takers for the last painting, so it is still on offer.

For details of the sale, read here.

Thanks :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trying not to aim

Most of my drawings begin with very little pre-concieved notion of what the end product will be. Or if they do, it tends to stray from anything real. I've never been too interested in drawing what's already there. I'd rather find something I've never seen at the end of a picture. I'm particularly enjoying doing my recent pen drawings (there's always a slight panic at some point within an Emily pic, that she won't quite be Emily). It's a lovely feeling to let something come naturally and then find something you recognise at the end of it. even if what you recognise is just a feeling.

i'm tentatively calling it "The chicken-tree-faced dog before the egg". I have little idea what it really is. But it feels right.

Here's some words from others;
"I play as a child and I give myself the privilege of complete freedom and spontaneity in my creations but with the advantage of the knowledge that an adult may have." Vanessa Donoso Lopez (whose unrestrained creativity I'm often in awe).

" "Could you try not aiming so much?" he asked me, still standing there. "If you hit him when you aim, it'll just be luck." He was speaking, communicating, and yet not breaking the spell. I then broke it. Quite deliberately. "How can it be luck if I aim?" I said back to him, not loud (despite the italics) but with rather more irritation in my voice than I was actually feeling. He didn't say anything for a moment but simply stood balanced on the curb, looking at me, I knew imperfectly, with love. "Because it will be," he said. "You'll be glad if you hit his marble — Ira's marble — won't you? Won't you be glad? And if you're glad when you hit somebody's marble, then you sort of secretly didn't expect too much to do it. So there'd have to be some luck in it, there'd have to be slightly quite a lot of accident in it." " - J.D. Salinger

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gimme Bouts!

New music from former members of Green Lights and Lines Drawing Circles, check out Bouts album New Ways Of Saying No, available to stream. I recorded some guitar with the guys back in March (on "She Moves Alright", "Out It" and "Some Other Tactic"). Was great fun, despite out how stressed I get with such things. Some great tunes though. And Chris Flynn (Euphiophone) made some sweet album artwork.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Emily

I feel slow to move lately. the "to do" shelf seems to be populating much faster than the "done" shelf. here's a new watercolour and a painting in progress i started a few days back.

in some book of almost stories, i find emily resting for a long time in a clearing, her branches full of blossoms, watched and studied. she would be one to feel a strangers eyes on her, and i think she might welcome it for a time. but, with all things, she will move on.

i have a thought of her stirring as from some deep sleep, and as she rises, leaving a slow rain of petals behind her, a little keepsake for her timid observer.


more pen drawings on flickr, under the title "laboured error".

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gulf Fund Sale

For details of the Gulf Fund sale, read here.

Last weeks is now gone (thanks Ger).

This week's picture;

A darker haired emily than usual. This is pen and watercolor on linen paper, 15cm x 21cm (A5). Price is at the buyer's discretion (guide price of €25, but the more the merrier!) and all money is donated to the Gulf Restoration Network.

EFII - Share Your Illustration

There's a share your illustration feature over on escape from illustration island.

These are my personal favourites;

Jeannie Phan (some awesome stuff on her site)

Zelda Devon

and Jeannie Paske (who's been in my little inspiration pile for some time)

check out their sites for more lovely work on them.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Charmaine Olivia

I just bought 2 prints, from Charmaine Olivia;

I'm not usually one for online shopping, but they are really lovely, and i've had my eye on them for a while. i've been an admirer of her work for ages, so i'll be super excited to get these, they're definately my favourites. you can see more of her stuff on her shop and her website.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gulf Fund Sale - SOLD

So, lately my mind has been preoccupied with the gulf oil spill. i could rant about this for ages, but i'll just get to the point;

I'm going to offer a picture every week (hopefully every week, i'll try to make it regular). The buyer/donator can choose to pay however much they want (whether it's a 5euro or 100, its up to them) and the money will go straight to the Gulf Restoration Network. For now it won't be auctioned, just first come first serve (just send me a comment or email), as i don't imagine i'd have too much of a blog readership to warrant auctioning. so i would ask only make an offer if you truly want the painting/drawing and are willing to donate money, however little or much.

i would like to avoid any sort of postage or avoidable travel for delivery if possible. obviously if you live in monaghan or dublin, this is fine, and i'd be happy to deliver the item personally or arrange a meeting. if its not possible for me to do so, for those living outside Ireland, i'll post and add more to the donation myself. but i would rather this be as unhypocritical and as social an endeavour as possible. i'll sort payment and delivery on an individual basis.

i've donated most of the profits from the last market to GRN (60euro), so thanks to people who bought stuff. if you want to donate yourself, you can do so here. or if you like the idea of art for a good cause, check out My Love For You's fundraiser and the Renman Project.

anyway, so here's first off;

This is one of the more recent one's. They'll be different every week, different sizes and mediums. This seemed an appropriate one to start. it's 12.5cm x 20cm, pen drawing on a page from a Japanese mathematics book (it could be chinese and it could have nothing to do with mathematics...if anyone knows better, please tell me).

Thanks for listening :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Keeping it in the family

I've been working on my brother Tony's website, at, for his goldsmithing and jewellery design. Its online now, just as a single page with a small gallery. There will be more pages and info to come, but so far I'm happy with the overall look and design. Mainly thanks to Hu's great photo's of Tony's lovely pieces. Also made use of a nice gallery script, found here. Anywho, check out a small sample of his work here;

If anyone finds any bugs or unusual appearances, let me know. So far its only tested in Firefox, IE and Google Chrome.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Lack Of Colour

More pen drawings. I'm rather fond of this pair. I've a few others like this, pen and indian ink on Daintree's recycled and carbon neutral 220gsm A4 paper.

Off to the Market tomorrow. Call in, those in the city.
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