Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Emily

I feel slow to move lately. the "to do" shelf seems to be populating much faster than the "done" shelf. here's a new watercolour and a painting in progress i started a few days back.

in some book of almost stories, i find emily resting for a long time in a clearing, her branches full of blossoms, watched and studied. she would be one to feel a strangers eyes on her, and i think she might welcome it for a time. but, with all things, she will move on.

i have a thought of her stirring as from some deep sleep, and as she rises, leaving a slow rain of petals behind her, a little keepsake for her timid observer.


more pen drawings on flickr, under the title "laboured error".


Alexander Kramer said...

It would be interesting to paint those cardboard boxes so that when they are assembled into a box, it creates another image.

Then they can function as art AND a box. Double reuse!

barry quinn said...

For this one, the image is painted on the inside, as it folds. but yes, definitely a cool idea. been collecting funky little wooden boxes from charity chops and painting images on them (though taking a little more time with them). i'd imagine the paint would be quickly worn off the cardboard ones if they were used as a box. but i'll probably give it a go anyway! it'd be interesting to see what shapes would come out.

Alexander Kramer said...

Maybe using a fixative over the painting would help wear and tear, or a seran wrap cover? Maybe a few coats of a lacquer or something similar, but it might make the box a little on the heavy side.

And, I'm not sure if a spray on fixative would be to your eco-friendly standards. Might have to go with the liquid fixative.

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