Thursday, August 27, 2009

You always look tired...

a pic i started ages ago and only just got round to finishing...

Monday, August 24, 2009

the day emily went outside

Puppy Fat

i was directed today to PuppyFat, a website belonging to artist/illustrator, Claire Louise. Great looking site and her work's very cool. have a look-see.

getting some more work done for the show in front lounge. this is one i started at the Knockanstockan festival earlier in the month, nearly done so should have it finished in time;


p.s. still listening to Veckatimest.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Exhibition - The Front Lounge, 11th September

I will have some work in a group exhibition in The Front Lounge, Parliament St, Dublin, opening on the Friday 11th of September, 7pm - 9pm.

Unfortunately, I'll not be around for the opening as i'll be in Italy for my brother's wedding.

There'll be work by these artists also;


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

books like reading - update

started some new sketches, one biggish one, which i'm threatening to paint with oils. i quite like the initial sketch though, so i might stick to the trusty old acrylics and not ruin it.

thursday - did a few colour tests, hopefully should look a little like this;

friday 21st - have it started, going well so far,

mandy tsung

i have nothing of my own to post today, though i have been occupying my time finding more things to do with cardboard waste. i mean, what can't you do with it! anyway, i may have mentioned her before, but this image has been on my desktop all week inspiring me to do things betterly;

by the incredible mandy tsung.

have a lovely day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i have an account on deviantart, which i hadn't been to in about a week. i logged on today to find i'd been featured on a daily deviation a few days ago and since then have had over 2000 messages and favourites. from the artist who nominated me, ~conatgion

"~mooliki is one of my very favourite artists, he never ceases to create astoundingly expressive art with some thin lines, and a little and subtle colouring, and this one is one of the most expressive from this amazing gallery. The faces are nearly undrawn, and yet... there's so much going on with the hands but it's not as a substitute for the faces, they, as bodies, the shadows, the texture of the empty background ... the whole picture, just add more and more. Please enjoy number42."

and thanks also to snowmask

the pic itself has over 1000 favourites... thats crazy... over a thousand people looking at it and liking it... crazy... and very joy-making :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

gives me heartburn


Cork and sand people

i had a delightful few days holidaying down south, visiting a friend in cork. my childhood memories of the city are quite vague and dreary, so i was very pleasantly surprised with the modern yet not overly developed city and, more important, the beautiful surrounding countryside. most impressive was a section of beach we visited on the tuesday. i'm sure i was told its name or location but i've no memory for such things. but it was one of the most picturesque beaches i've seen in a long time and we spent much of the day there, walking, reading, basking, collecting stones.

there was also a spot of crafty sand-people-making to be done. needless to say, mine isn't the pretty one.

unfortunately i didn't take many other photos. i've been a little neglectful of work lately, so hopefully i'll have something of a little more interest to post next week. these past few days have consisted mainly of jd salinger short stories and grizzly bear - veckatimest.

because sometimes i need a rant...

i find it pretty inarguable that greed in any form is nothing but detrimental to life, both human and otherwise. but i don't understand where it came from. being the only species that actually has the intellect to understand interdependance, the will to adhere to it, we are the only species to be conciously ignorant of it. and it is a very concious ignorance. i'm sure i want as much as anyone else, nice clothes, big tvs, to sit around playing games all day, lounging in swimming pools and what not, and am already overly-blessed with luxury, but i also have the knowledge that that desire serves me absolutely no good, that it in no way serves any purpose in life but distraction and self-destruction, and more likely than not opportunity born from the labour and misfortune of others. then it extends to the global scale. still i can manage at times to not be ignorant of the same self/species-destruction.

if i own all the recources then others are dependant on me, i have power over them, others will suffer for my gain and i will profit and own...things. it takes a great awareness to be able to ackowledge this, its a product of fantastic intellect and understanding so why is the corresponding broader viewing intellect so prolifically absent. with this frame of mind will always come an ultimate instability. is the presence of malicious intent, of greed, of willful power over others, the lack of honest foresight a sign of primitive intelligence or just some evolutionary hiccup that developed with the other facets of human thought.

i'm probably not making sense....lets say the h-bomb, or a-bomb, or other such wonderful inventions, obviously it takes a great mind, or minds to develop these highly complex weapons and to understand the science behind them. where in this great understanding is the neglect of the truthful and ultimate consequence, beyond that of the immediate death and enforced peace. and no, i don't see concepts such as mutually assured destruction as being products of great reason. its excuse in the absence of reason. similarly most actions under "national security" have little to do with anything even vaguely resembling the definition of security. obviously the same principle is applied to all those other examples of advanced thought and civilisation, corporate funded dictatorships, the west's helpful democratisation of the rest of the world, the global transfer of resources and labour....blah blah blah....

though (on my good days) i'm ever hopeful of humanity evolving to something more than sometimes beautiful, i'd be equally acceptant whenever all those soldiers and governments and businessmen and terrorists blow us all up and perhaps life can have another go at evolving into something deserving of understanding.

Monday, August 3, 2009

big art is good

so here's some more images from the ongoing fairy tale in my mind. thom's beginning to look out of place though. out of place... i'm not sure what of it is in place.

also this week i completed the much needed tidying and reorganising of my present studio, which involved fitting all this (and more);

...into this;

it was very satisfying. on a not so pleasant note, all my pea plants are dead. they did give a tremendous crop before perishing, so its not all bad.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

todays musings

this one i'm calling "birth of the ninth" and i've this random thought accompanying it that lies somewhere between the return of the christian messiah and lord of the rings.

nothing lies 'neath hospital bed but monsters

this i just think is nice. it is nice, right?
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