Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cork and sand people

i had a delightful few days holidaying down south, visiting a friend in cork. my childhood memories of the city are quite vague and dreary, so i was very pleasantly surprised with the modern yet not overly developed city and, more important, the beautiful surrounding countryside. most impressive was a section of beach we visited on the tuesday. i'm sure i was told its name or location but i've no memory for such things. but it was one of the most picturesque beaches i've seen in a long time and we spent much of the day there, walking, reading, basking, collecting stones.

there was also a spot of crafty sand-people-making to be done. needless to say, mine isn't the pretty one.

unfortunately i didn't take many other photos. i've been a little neglectful of work lately, so hopefully i'll have something of a little more interest to post next week. these past few days have consisted mainly of jd salinger short stories and grizzly bear - veckatimest.

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