Monday, November 30, 2009

frames and half pictures

figuring out ways to make frames to people give people for market sales, if they want;

few more bits i'm working on;

early blueprints for a treehouse...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crafty Update

Been out of touch from blogworld this week. entertaining friends, as well as my laptop being struck with the black screen of death. can still use it on an external monitor, but still, its just not the same, and possibly sign of more dire hardware failures to come. backup backup backup!

anyway, earlier in the week i took some photos of the work i have ready for the market. i'm only just realising i likely won't actually have enough space to display it all, so for anyone there on the day feel free to inquire about anything else i might have with me. and also, haggling is most welcome. i'd always rather a picture goes to someone because they really like it, not just because they can afford it. everything should be pretty cheap though. i'm hoping for a total end of year clear out!

bringing some old drawings and gouache paintings as well. around the 20/30 euro mark.

and a few stocking fillers;

i'm bringing a good lot of prints and originals of the invert this space and the recent emily series. just little prints in small glass frames for 5euro.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

paint splodges

i think my palette looks more interesting than my pictures...stock images or for those who, like me, just like pictures of paint splodges. there's a bunch on my flickr, higher res, feel free to use them for...whatever one might use random images of paint splodges for. i suppose i should mention i tend to consider most of what i do as within creative commons lisencing. if anyone ever wants to use images for anything that doesn't involve money making, don't hesitate to ask. if it involves money, you can still ask. but hesitantly.

Friday, November 20, 2009

worth the weight

for only so long

substantial bit of rain;

my random polysterene is becoming increasingly practical and less random;

Thursday, November 19, 2009

acrylic paintings on card

more stuff. acrylic and pen drawings on card, 12cm x 17cm. these will be between 5 and 15 euro. that's cheap enough, right?

except this little goldfish heart, which is 24cm x 35cm and will be at 35euro.

here's some backgrounds i painted. they look quite nice as they are...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

preparations for the crafty market

i'm totally hogging blogger space at this rate. more stuff for decemember 6th. some of the recent drawings framed, as well as smaller framed prints. the prints i'll probably just have at a flexible 8 euro.

picture box

a whole box of fun...

all would be right if only Björk ruled the world.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

worth the wait

today's efforts, in its final stages. need to add lighting fun;

now, how might one paint a lightbulb...

Monday, November 16, 2009

serenade - finished

i was going to colour the bodies but i'm going to leave them as they are, i prefer just having the yellow of the wood stand out. it's acrylic on card, 12.5cm x 24.5cm, and the musician plays only the fraggle rock theme tune and "my lovely horse".

i can never find brushes small enough...

another one i'm working on.

where i've been spending my online time lately (at times reluctantly);

pictures in frames

framed some things for selling, should have more done this evening. they're going for a general 30 to 50 price range.

this one is thinking about being sold...

little lady boy sailing off to new shores...

and here's picture's by other people, on my studio wall;

dave comiskey;

sara baume's auspicious cats, they work their magic in atypical fashion;

by mother quinn;

another family one, from the hands of analog heart.

this was done by a friend who would likely resent being named, but it's center place on my wall, reminding me to do what i do better.

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