Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i'll not talk much about Offset, i think the main thing i got from it was just how much work these people put into their craft. despite what projects they might be working on that are in the public eye, they're still working on personal projects, still honing their skills, stretching themselves into whatever mediums they can. as a fellow offsetteer put it, it has given a much needed artistic kick up the ass. and i have opened myself up to that most dubious of prospects; developing an idea. highlight would probably have to be David Shrigley, for pure entertainment and reaffirming my personal faith in him. PJ Lynch's talk was great, as was the discussion with himself, oliver jeffers and dave mckean. missed dave's main talk. possibly a blessing in disguise, may have just depressed me.

oh, naming things. i tend to not name things cause my arms don't like me enough and i'm stupidly fickle about my...intentions, but might make more of an effort. anyway, here's random bits over the past day or two.

i have a thing for interesting branches. i tend to find things, think "surely that could form part of some sort of sculpture", peel off the bark, sand it down and then use it as a spool for thread or just leave it sitting in a forgotten corner.

after a litre of gesso i just about got one coat over half a canvas i have covering an entire wall in the studio. if my conscience has any say in it, i'm going to dream of many screaming skinless rabbits... have i mentioned i'm considering veganism? not sure how i'd live without cheese...

i drew this eye about a month ago. it's, like, my favorite thing i've ever done.

little gold fish heart.

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