Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emily's Japanese Gardens

colm found two books on mathematics in japanese, salvaged from a bin, i believe. he's a good man. they're nice to draw on.

put some new photos up on flickr. messing about with some drift wood and wood scraps. make nice city scapes. the other day, i was noticing dublin's lovely big trees bulging up underneath the footpaths. i always enjoy the sight of nature reclaiming itself. anywho, like most stuff i have there, free to use, creative commons.

loving grizzly bear - "on a neck, on a spit".
hating footage of g20's unneccesary police aggression and hearing about poor bp's clean-up bill.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


emily is good at fixing things.

Monday, June 28, 2010

bands, beaches, bears

Was a pretty busy week of travelling and music. First off, Pearl Jam in the O2. Can't beat a bit of nostalgia, these fine gentlemen provided much of the soundtrack of my youth. I have early memories of playing Why Go and Even Flow so loud the glasses in the cabinet would crack and break. And they still put on an awesome show. Its very rare these days that i feel compelled to throw my body into a crowd of sweaty hairy men. but they were a worthy crowd.

After a brief break in Glendalough (including some Last Of The Mohicans style adventuring over the rocky and wooded terrain of the Sally Gap) i hitched a ride with some friends down to Cork for Grizzly Bear, Camera Obscura and Villagers in the Marquee. An absolutely wonderful show all round. Save for the brief interlude of Midlake, who, as impressive a band as they are, with 5 guitars, 3 flutes and ridiculously over the top drum soloing, all reverbed to the hilt, it was somewhere between fleet foxes, battle of evermore and spinal tap. was expecting frodo and sam to come bounding on stage at any moment. First two acts were brilliant, will definately be checking out more camera obscura. But Grizzly Bear had me grinning constantly. Have honestly not been so inspired and delighted watching a band since first time seeing radiohead. One of the few bands at the minute that i feel are making truly great new music beyond gratuitous experimentation. and i totally fancied ed droste by the end of the night, very humble sweet guy.

Spent the next day going along the south coast, getting in as many beaches as possible, from cork to waterford. lovely part of the country. i didn't take my camera with me, so as to avoid the need to document everything. i did bring home a few pocketfuls of shells, stones and driftwood though...cause surely thats useful. i do get excited in such places. i believe there were threats of putting me on a leash. and then there's some drawings, largely unrelated to happenings in the real world...;

have a lovely week :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

emily and the bees

Some more progress on this pic which i'm particularly fond of;

i was thinking of doing a line of t-shirts.

presently under the title "meating people is queezy". really i was just drawing emily vests. a friend suggested she needed some awesome t-shirt designs. (well, "emo" tshirts i believe was the suggestion);

Loving Phosporescent, found via Grooveshark. If you like your alternative folky gospel types give them a listen. Particularly the track below and Can I Sleep In Your Arms. beautiful stuff.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outside world

and catching up on some other peoples blogs and new works.

Stephane Tartelin did a lovely series for Elle magazine, check it out here

Check out Colin Boylan's track and chat over on Second Square to None's strings series. Really lovely stuff. That guy is awesome.

unurth usually have some pretty cool street art on their site, but this is particularly awesome.

loving geninne's blog. nice stylish collages, simple images but wonderful colour and composition and i absolutely adore her daily planner;

listening to caribou.

New Works In Progress

who doesn't love fungi.

me doing things outside

emily having dreamtime

a family portrait. his name is samson (the bunny,that is)

Monday, June 14, 2010

things what wake me

i dreamed of roadkill last night. actually it was footpath kill. and no-one seemed to notice. when i woke i had sara baume's wonderful creatures in my mind. it was still night (i'd actually only slept about an hour) but i did a quick sketch and wrote some things. here's an edited, reserved extract (i can be pretty judgemental in my late night rants); "if the animal world served justice towards us the way humans do them, how would our punishment be."

anyway, there was a big sheet of cardboard waiting patiently by the bin outside and the image needed space so i started this;

unfinished, it will be colourful and looking like something happy (that is always the intent...) i want to figure out how to make natural pigments first. so far its just chalk, water, dirt and mushed buttercups (which made no discernable marks, for future reference).

i have a plan for a regular blog feature, inspired very much by mark boyle, involving the offering of free things. but carpel tunnel's acting up, so i'll explain another day. for now here's my first pea-pods of the summer, woohoo!;

i love fresh peas :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Early June

With all the markets these days, I haven't been getting as much work done as I'd like, so going to take most of July off on the fair front for the making and the doing. but here's a few newer ones i'll hopefully get finished soon enough.

i've a few stories i'll hopefully get down soon too. and have some ideas for a bit of online content too. though i also have to get a sibling's site to get finished. and there's musical things in my head. i'd like more hands that work when i ask them to...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Shebeen Chic

my table of goods

Some pics from Sunday's Cafty Market. Pretty quiet due to the bank holiday and crappy turn in the weather, but still a lovely afternoon. Have two markets this weekend, Point Village Comic fair on Saturday and Ferocious Mingle Market in Newmarket Square on Sunday. Passed the Point Village Market on the bus at the weekend, looks pretty cool, looking forward to that one.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

agata, emily and elder

from the weekend...

emily's story is something quite solid(ish) in my head. but for me the important things are best left unsaid.

listening to some lovely tunes by elder roche who was playing over the weekend. nice guy too. i particularly recommend "nobody knows" and "dark place".

Splash Art Fest

So last weekend we had the Splash Art Festival in the wonderful Back Loft, Dublin. For Saturday there was a good party vibe going and had a big crowd all day, until close at 11pm. Sunday was still a great turn out, but a lot more relaxed and stress-free, which was much appreciated, got a chance to talk to some of the other lovely artists. Magda, awesome as she is, had organised enough free wine and food to do both days. The baked pastries on Sunday were particularly yummy. Was a great weekend, if slightly exhausting. Would certainly be up for another one (note; bring large drill next time). Anyway, if i come across anyone who took better photos from the show, i'll post a link, for now here's a few;

Zaneta Witkowska

tanya turner

kaiser caimo


on the way home saturday night, we called in briefly to Bernard Shaw (there was a Secret Wars battle on but too jammers to get a look in). But I did get to see Denise Nestor's amazing work, which I think is still on display there, go check it out.

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