Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dates for the Diary!

Here's an update on fun things I'll be doing over the next month;

  1. First off SPLASH ART FESTIVAL, this weekend in the Back Loft, read more about it here. Should be awesome, I do hope you can make it.

  2. The Ferocious Mingle Market, in Newmarket Square, 13th of June. Fancy dress optional.

  3. Point Village Comic Festival on 12th of June;

  4. Then there's the Crafty Market in Shebeen Chic on the 6th and the 20th of June. Still have to hear back whether I have a stall, but hopefully will be at one or the other, if not both. Its a lovely spot and a great market, I recommend checking it out anyway.

Personally I think you should come to the all. And here's a newbie, Emily on the hunt for sweeter dreams;

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paper Thin

working on a series of pics which i'm really liking, acrylic and pen on paper. will have a good few of them in next weeks show. for now here's a sketch from a bunch i started yesterday with a certain morning ritual of emily's (a treeless emily, but she deserves a rest). i am liking the simple pencil drawings lately.

Here's a lovely music video by Hettie Griffiths for Pete Lawrie's "Paperthin" :)

Paperthin Music Video from Hettie Griffiths on Vimeo.

My awesome sisters brought me home a friend from a recent trip to the US. Love it...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Splash preps!

i've been driving myself crazy starting pics and not finishing them, but i'm finally beginning to make a dent in the backlogged pile that's following me around the house (integral part of procrastination is finding a different room to paint in every few hours which involves at least 15 minutes of needless re-preparation...). but yes, these are some ones i should have ready for the Splash festival, if i can find enough frames in time.

here's a personal favourite. i started to panic halfway through this one that it was going all wrong, but somewhere in the last few touches it turned into something i really like. particularly fond of her right tree.

worked a little on a large canvas that i've been ignoring for about a month. i've started on oils with it, which i think are working a bit better.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New sketches, new toys and Iron Man

looking forward to a few weeks of serious painting time. have loads of drawings to work on. mostly emily pics. here's a pair from the weekend.

i got a new delay pedal, handmade by a brotherly analog heart. i do believe it shall be fun.

and my nephew drew me as iron man. awesome.

things are as they should be.


yesterday, i came across Craww's work at anewspace. they've a few lovely giclee prints of his in the shop. anyway, check out his work, it's beautiful. nice blog too.

totally wanna get my watercolours out...i've a few new sketches which i'm a little excited about. might post some later.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Splash Art Festival - 29th May

Taking part in the Splash Art Festival on the last weeked of May. Should be great, many a talented peoples, plus its in the Back Loft, which is a lovely spot, one of my favourite exhibition spaces in Dublin.

ArtWave, cultural organisation has the pleasure to invite you to Splash Art Festival (!/event.php?eid=103891942982714&ref=ts), a 2-day festival of art, music, film and dance. Its aim is to celebrate the diversity of art by introducing vibrant, emerging and established artists/performers along with their creations and talents.

The event will feature 27 different artists & performers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities ranging from painters, photographers, vjs, accessories designers, model makers, mirror makers, mixed media artists, visual artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and djs.

Come and enjoy the art with a complimentary glass of wine from Barefoot Wine ( and heavenly food from Manna (

Location: The Back Loft c/o La Catedral Studios (, 7-11 St. Augustine Street (Off Thomas Street), Dublin 8.

Festival time table:
Opening night: Saturday 29th of May – 6pm to 11pm
Closing day: Sunday 30th of May 2010 – 12noon to 6pm

Line up:
29th May - Saturday:
6-7 PM - Elder Roche
7-8 PM - Pearse McGloughlin
8-9 PM - James Guilmartin
9-10 PM - Apollonia Tribal Bellydance

30th May - Sunday:
1-3 PM - FrictionFire
3-4 PM - Elder Roche
4-6 PM - Juan Jose Manzano

Entrance fee:
€5 - one day ticket
€7 - 2day pass

All welcome/limited capacity, no wheelchair access.

The Artists:

1. Ciaran McClelland - video/slide projection
2. Dominika Cicio - photography
3. Liam McCreith - mirror artist
4. ┼╗aneta Witkowska - painting
5. Tomasz Bereska - photography
6. Kaiser Caimo - painting
7. Marcelo Ruffino - painting
8. Harry Walsh - painting
9. GoldGinger - photography
10. Betty San - fashion designer
11. Tanya Turner - painting
12. Agata Starszewska - painting
13. Aisling Fegan - painting & modelmaking
14. Florencia Saluzzo - photography
15. Klaudia Rachwaniec - drawing
16. Katarzyna Gajewska - painting
17. Edel Cox - painting
18. Barry Quinn - painting
19. Maria Mollohan - photography
20. James Guilmartin - acoustic performance
21. Elder Roche - piano
22. Apollonia Tribal Bellydance - dance performance
23. FrictionFire - dj
24. Juan Jose Manzano - flamenco
25. Claire Noons - sculptor
26. Pearse McGloughlin - acoustic performance
27. Magda Nowacka – photography


i'm especially looking forward to Katarzyna Gajewska. love her work;

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emily meeting some unfortunate characters

emily finds a two headed mountain, with one head never looking up, another head never looking down and who's body turns to broken glass at touch. another mountain is trying to dig his house from out of the sand. the hills aren't as wise as you might think.

i like how animal she looks here with her non-lactating cow-dogs (times are tough for such creatures).

i dug up this root today from a dead tree in the garden. i know my affection for vegetation is a little extreme, but you have to admit, this is pretty beautiful piece of dead thing.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Roots and Spills

i don't like transport. of the motorised kind. i love the experience of travelling long distances, whether its train, plane, bus, but it comes with that same guilt that covers most modern activities, the knowledge that i'm afforded this luxury because somewhere someone is likely wrecklessly destroying some other life to make it available to me. i don't drive. i have no intention to ever own a car. i try not to have to go anywhere by car unless someone else is already going. i generally wouldn't get a bus if i can walk it in under an hour and a half or am with company. i have two flights planned already this year, which bothers me. short ones, both to the uk. i think i'll compact it into one round trip. but unfortunately oil gets everywhere. it touches nearly everything i eat and use at some point in some way.

emily was supposed to be digging for her own roots. but everything is coming out very black at the minute.

if anyone know of any ways to help with this; link, i would be grateful to hear your thoughts.

...not that it's any better when the oil industry gets it "right";

H2oil animated sequences from Dale Hayward on Vimeo.

independent-the biggest environmental crime in history
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