Monday, November 24, 2008


i always lke artists sketchbooks. something humbling and honest about that sort of raw creativity. like the difference between live music and recorded. most things i do, smaller pieces, are taken straight from my sketchbook. and whatever i do to them, i usually try to keep much of the original sketch unchanged. i like the idea of accepting that any piece of art isn't really finished by the artist. or its life doesn't end there. its open for anyone to finish the idea of it, make up their own meaning to it. here's recent sketchbook stuffs;

Sunday, November 9, 2008


lots of lovely trees down by the council buildings had lost their yellow leaves and made a wonderful colourful autumnal scene yesterday afternoon. i didn't have a camera but i took some of the leaves with me and tried to make something of a prayer with them.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

sapere aude

i'm uncharacteristically satisfied with how this worked out.

stayed up for the elections the other night, looked like quite the party. sorry to mccain voters, but i was happy to see obama get in. pessimist as i am, i don't expect too much of the change in foreign policy he promises. (especially if 'change' means pulling out of iraq and invading iran...... refined definition needed....) but he seems to have a more realistic head on him, so hopefully it'll lead to better things and peaceful times. in any case, i hope he does a good job for ye americans. financially and otherwise. you get a lot of hassle from all the crap your government tends to get up to. generally moreso than the rest of the world with their equally corrupt, war-mongering overlords.... bla bla rant rant....
my fingers are tingling all day and retracting into my brain like little strips of razor wire and i'm grumpy...

anyway, i hope everyone is having a lovely day and being in love with something or creating something or helping someone.

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