Monday, June 29, 2009

second square 2 none, twisted pepper

first pics back from second square to none, courtesy of dran quinn. should have more soon of the actual painting. was a good day all round, loved the music and visuals , and was great set up (though the bowel-turningly loud speakers were right beside my brain leaving me slightly trembly). the whole thing went well.

the finished piece isn't quite....finished. wasn't totally satisfied with it, so will probably do a bit more work on it.

big thanks to chris and melissa and the second square to none crew. you're awesome.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i love old man legs

from the inspirational mr mc meel. love it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

greens for eatins

when i'm not scouring the depths of my subconcious of its visual hiccups, i try tentatively not to kill things long enough so as i can eat them. a friend asked how i was getting on. so here are some examples of green things being alive. and a bee. who also likes eating things. but that's ok, cause we like bees. you can't hate anything fuzzy. save the bees. also present, the wheel of a wheelbarrow and my left shoulder. the last one is of a pea flower. pretty yes? yes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

high-res images for print

i've some images for downloading on my wesite, high-res jpegs and tiffs for good quality prints. they're digital renders i done about a year ago that, some of which i'd planned on producing prints of for sale, but just never got round to. they're gathering dust on my hard-drive so i figure someone might make use of them. feel free to print them for yourself or friends. just don't use them for anything else without asking. some of them would be good up to a3 or a2, and printed on archival paper, they'd look great....i hope....


Work In Progress

i like how this one is turning out. i've a few others which aren't working so well and may have to be begun again.... but that's ok. the more layers of paint, the more texturely fun.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Second Square to None

have been asked by the venerable Euphiophone to take part in the next Second Square to None, on Sunday 28th in Twisted Pepper in Dublin. I've been meaning to make it to one of these events for ages, so i'm pretty sure i'll not miss this one.

gonna be a few of us doing live art type stuffs (yes, drawing while other people are in the room...but bigger) and of course there shall be music and other such wonderous funliness, and its free, so please do pop in. i'll also bring some little things to flog on the day, so if you're interested in purchasing anything, let me know.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Drawings

back in the old college days i had an idea for a comic. well, an idea for a story, which i found hard putting into words. but images of it has of late returned to my brainular optics. eh, the story is about a girl who, on the brink of death, is faced with the reality that there is no god, but her split conciousness convinces her otherwise and that she must become a messenger of His word, which all should be existing purely in this timeless moment within her fractured dying mind only for a bit of quantum physically widgetry creating her own disfunctional reality.....and other such randomness....

back in the day, i called her Rei. here's some drawings i did of her over the last few days. i might add some watercolours or other such colouring later, but for now i am rather fond of the old simple pen drawings.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new site

have a new site up. was going to be a temporary one, but might stick with it. still a lil under construction. home


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Arty Party

Art, Music, poetry, spoken word, video art, projections,visuals, sculpture, interactive performance and art making, sound art, sweets and toys and light installations.

Over 15 artists and musicians combined to make a one night exhibition party: Stephen James Smith (Spoken) Kevin Nolan (Spoken) A Room for Improvement (Live visual performance) Hugh Cooney (Performance) Conor Foy Andreas Scholtz Turf Boon (Brooklyn based artist showing new work) Ruth Power Fiona Carey Helena Doyle? Loki Bee Carolyn Walshe Anna Adrians Barry Quinn Fiona Spiers Wendy Stephens Mia Marshmallow Music from Knockanstockan Musicians: Marcas Carcas James Guilmartin Steve from Bojangled Peter Space Invasion Bo Sean Ford Owen.

Monday, June 1, 2009

James Jean, Euphiohone and Taxi Taxi

James Jean's skethboook
you can see the rest of his site here, which is also very interesting, but i think his sketchbooks are particularly amazing.

check out musician/mixer/graphic designer and general sound fella and good friend, euphiophone. he has plenty of tunes and videos here to keep you entertained and he's part of a Dublin-based audio/visual group, Second Square To None if you fancy experiencing him in all his glory, in the flesh. i find his wonky dub-step mix as most excellent work music. he's keeps a nice blog too.

I'm addicted to this song. I've heard taxi taxi before, on their myspace page, but i just find this song absolutely beautiful...

i'm not sure if there's issues with me embedding this player here, so if anyone may happen to wish it removed, just say. audio file courtesy of

i'll hopefully have more stuff up soon. at the minute, working on an ebook for dirty fabulous.

good evening.

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