Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new site

have a new site up. was going to be a temporary one, but might stick with it. still a lil under construction. home



Chris Flynn said...

Really like the new site, very appealling, elegantly simple design.

However, see when your blog appears in the news section (which is cool) maybe u could lose the blogger tool bar at the top, or even better, only have the stream of posts appear rather then the entire blog, think it would fit in alot better with the rest of site then. That's my uninvited opinion anyway :D

barry | quinn said...

thanks :)

i have it so that the blog loads a marker in the blog which nudges it past the blogger toolbar, but it doesn't work in IE, just the ever-fabulous firefox. to get it as just the posts involves the unstyled rss feed, which dull with gray background and looks like this;

its still a work in progress, only started day or two ago.

again, thanks for input, you're a superstar.

bob marley & lucy liu said...

Love it! But I think I'm biased and love all your stuff.

Long time no chat. Are you growing (or destroying) rocket plants this year?

I've started a new blog: for some of my photography.

Allie neared died from her type 1 diabetes at Disneyland a couple weeks ago. As per her norm, she was smiling again 2 minutes after the event.

Hope all is well with you!


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