Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Splash Art Fest

So last weekend we had the Splash Art Festival in the wonderful Back Loft, Dublin. For Saturday there was a good party vibe going and had a big crowd all day, until close at 11pm. Sunday was still a great turn out, but a lot more relaxed and stress-free, which was much appreciated, got a chance to talk to some of the other lovely artists. Magda, awesome as she is, had organised enough free wine and food to do both days. The baked pastries on Sunday were particularly yummy. Was a great weekend, if slightly exhausting. Would certainly be up for another one (note; bring large drill next time). Anyway, if i come across anyone who took better photos from the show, i'll post a link, for now here's a few;

Zaneta Witkowska

tanya turner

kaiser caimo


on the way home saturday night, we called in briefly to Bernard Shaw (there was a Secret Wars battle on but too jammers to get a look in). But I did get to see Denise Nestor's amazing work, which I think is still on display there, go check it out.

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