Monday, June 28, 2010

bands, beaches, bears

Was a pretty busy week of travelling and music. First off, Pearl Jam in the O2. Can't beat a bit of nostalgia, these fine gentlemen provided much of the soundtrack of my youth. I have early memories of playing Why Go and Even Flow so loud the glasses in the cabinet would crack and break. And they still put on an awesome show. Its very rare these days that i feel compelled to throw my body into a crowd of sweaty hairy men. but they were a worthy crowd.

After a brief break in Glendalough (including some Last Of The Mohicans style adventuring over the rocky and wooded terrain of the Sally Gap) i hitched a ride with some friends down to Cork for Grizzly Bear, Camera Obscura and Villagers in the Marquee. An absolutely wonderful show all round. Save for the brief interlude of Midlake, who, as impressive a band as they are, with 5 guitars, 3 flutes and ridiculously over the top drum soloing, all reverbed to the hilt, it was somewhere between fleet foxes, battle of evermore and spinal tap. was expecting frodo and sam to come bounding on stage at any moment. First two acts were brilliant, will definately be checking out more camera obscura. But Grizzly Bear had me grinning constantly. Have honestly not been so inspired and delighted watching a band since first time seeing radiohead. One of the few bands at the minute that i feel are making truly great new music beyond gratuitous experimentation. and i totally fancied ed droste by the end of the night, very humble sweet guy.

Spent the next day going along the south coast, getting in as many beaches as possible, from cork to waterford. lovely part of the country. i didn't take my camera with me, so as to avoid the need to document everything. i did bring home a few pocketfuls of shells, stones and driftwood though...cause surely thats useful. i do get excited in such places. i believe there were threats of putting me on a leash. and then there's some drawings, largely unrelated to happenings in the real world...;

have a lovely week :)

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