Monday, June 14, 2010

things what wake me

i dreamed of roadkill last night. actually it was footpath kill. and no-one seemed to notice. when i woke i had sara baume's wonderful creatures in my mind. it was still night (i'd actually only slept about an hour) but i did a quick sketch and wrote some things. here's an edited, reserved extract (i can be pretty judgemental in my late night rants); "if the animal world served justice towards us the way humans do them, how would our punishment be."

anyway, there was a big sheet of cardboard waiting patiently by the bin outside and the image needed space so i started this;

unfinished, it will be colourful and looking like something happy (that is always the intent...) i want to figure out how to make natural pigments first. so far its just chalk, water, dirt and mushed buttercups (which made no discernable marks, for future reference).

i have a plan for a regular blog feature, inspired very much by mark boyle, involving the offering of free things. but carpel tunnel's acting up, so i'll explain another day. for now here's my first pea-pods of the summer, woohoo!;

i love fresh peas :)

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