Friday, November 13, 2009

Crafty Market, 6th December

I'll have a stall in The Crafty Market in New Market Square in Dublin on Sunday 6th of December. I'm going to be bringing pretty much everything i can carry and have most of it between 5 to 50 euro, lots and lots of cheap things and little prints and books and drawings. please come along, it's a lovely setup, lots of stalls and a cafe and musicians playing.

i'll have plenty of watercolours and maybe a few larger paintings with me. i probably won't have these ones (below) in their original form, cause i'm still working on them, but i might get some nice daintree paper and make a bunch of prints (i've some cheesily christmas themed ones in mind which may be too ridiculous not to do). if anyone has any suggestions or requests, let me know. here are a few emily moments thus far;

1 comment:

Starry Night said...

i just love these ones, i don't know if it's the ladybird or the figures but they make me incredibly sad, but i love them still x

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