Saturday, November 21, 2009

paint splodges

i think my palette looks more interesting than my pictures...stock images or for those who, like me, just like pictures of paint splodges. there's a bunch on my flickr, higher res, feel free to use them for...whatever one might use random images of paint splodges for. i suppose i should mention i tend to consider most of what i do as within creative commons lisencing. if anyone ever wants to use images for anything that doesn't involve money making, don't hesitate to ask. if it involves money, you can still ask. but hesitantly.

1 comment:

YourWordsAreMyWeakness said...

Love it.

I think it's something about the freedom and not holding back and being too tight, you know?

Because it's just a palette.

Now if I could only see my canvas as just a palette that might help.


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