Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crafty Update

Been out of touch from blogworld this week. entertaining friends, as well as my laptop being struck with the black screen of death. can still use it on an external monitor, but still, its just not the same, and possibly sign of more dire hardware failures to come. backup backup backup!

anyway, earlier in the week i took some photos of the work i have ready for the market. i'm only just realising i likely won't actually have enough space to display it all, so for anyone there on the day feel free to inquire about anything else i might have with me. and also, haggling is most welcome. i'd always rather a picture goes to someone because they really like it, not just because they can afford it. everything should be pretty cheap though. i'm hoping for a total end of year clear out!

bringing some old drawings and gouache paintings as well. around the 20/30 euro mark.

and a few stocking fillers;

i'm bringing a good lot of prints and originals of the invert this space and the recent emily series. just little prints in small glass frames for 5euro.

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