Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i have an account on deviantart, which i hadn't been to in about a week. i logged on today to find i'd been featured on a daily deviation a few days ago and since then have had over 2000 messages and favourites. from the artist who nominated me, ~conatgion

"~mooliki is one of my very favourite artists, he never ceases to create astoundingly expressive art with some thin lines, and a little and subtle colouring, and this one is one of the most expressive from this amazing gallery. The faces are nearly undrawn, and yet... there's so much going on with the hands but it's not as a substitute for the faces, they, as bodies, the shadows, the texture of the empty background ... the whole picture, just add more and more. Please enjoy number42."

and thanks also to snowmask

the pic itself has over 1000 favourites... thats crazy... over a thousand people looking at it and liking it... crazy... and very joy-making :)

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