Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gulf Fund Sale

A little late in the day, but here's latest donation to the Gulf Restoration Network. For a change, I'm putting in an oldie and a biggie. its an acrylic painting on canvas, 62cm x 90cm. i'll accept the highest offer (blog comment/facebook/mail - barryquinnart -at- within the next week, if there are no offers by Wednesday 13th, it will go to the first offer.

All money offered goes to aid recovery from the BP spill. This support is needed more than ever, since BP were allowed to deal with the disaster themselves. The use of dispersants creates a compound which, according to many sources, is more dangerous than the oil and dispersants individually, and they have turned the oil from a visible threat into one affecting marine life on a microscopic level, where it's believed it will have devastating effects on the seas food chain (and potentially humans), from the bottom up. But its not actually known what the effects will be in the long-term.

And info/ sources (they're a few months old, i might have posted some of them before, but they're still relevant);

TEDX-Oil spill - an at times emotional talk by Carl Safina
Susan Shaw
BPs refusal to use less toxic dispersant

View previous sales; here

Thank you

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