Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting cold out...

new pic, acrylic on paper, a4. super pleased with this one (though i'm not too sure if i'm happy with her mouth...may need fixing). she's a little less weighted than usual, but sure everyone needs a break every now and than. i had a pair of blue and white gloves like these from oxfam. but i lost them. its getting colder out too. and i'm slightly paranoid about the cold. a craft market friend, emma mcmanus, makes jewellery out of random things. i got a lovely clock pendant off her for my sister. it had the back exposed to show all the cogs and inner workings. it looked nicer than emily's. the key is just a key. for a house. sinking in the sand.

the details;

and some progress pics;

its not without a sense of irony that this is my favourite mug.
(its not without stupidity i often leave my tea dangerously close to my paint water...)

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