Friday, October 1, 2010

Bitter sweet

There's always something bitter sweet about infographics. Aesthetically, done well, i find them beautiful. but the noteworthy ones more often than not tend to relate very disturbing statistics. Here's one, found on GOOD. I've lately been reducing my use of plastic, which for me is primarily with food packaging, for several reasons. This is just one;

Juka Araikawa, via booooooom. I find these paintings strangely beautiful. It's not a style I'd normally go for (though feel myself heading towards) but something feels very right with her work.

as with this. grizzly bear. continues it's rolling around my mind.

And here's a lovely project by Caitlin Parker, featured on the ever reliable My Love For You;

4 Minute Excerpt from Caitlin Parker on Vimeo.

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