Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week One Over

One week's gone. All's well. Though, I really would love a biscuit. I was pointed to this article the other day, which led me to eatonlyirish.com. As for mr. o'connell's "participation", I struggle to empathise with anyone finding challenge in a diet of any kind that lasts 3 days. Seriously, "living off"? I've cooked dinners that have lasted 3 days. Obviously I'm just moody from lack of sugar and caffeine.

Anywho, will be checking the site for some recipes and tips. I'm not sure how much of it I can avail of though. For me, I've found the bigger hurdle, and personally the more relevent in terms of ecological matters, is finding foods not wrapped in plastic. This is especially a problem being a vegetarian. I avoid shopping in healthfood and eco stores, as practically everything is wrapped in plastic bags. There used to be the Olive Green delicatessen in George Street Arcade, which served grains and pulses and dried fruits in big sacks, scooping whatever you needed into bags yourself. It was run by Claudia and Brendan, who are quite passionate about the ethics of food industry (they also own Matchabar in Powerscourt, a lovely little tea emporium). It moved to No. 12 South Circular Road, and though the shop is still there in some form, under different management and name (can't remember the new name), it doesn't maintain the same quality in regards it's dried goods and grains and again most things are plastic wrapped. Worth going to though if you find it, nice little spot. A few of the markets sell loose grains, one I would still go to on Cows Lane on Saturday's Temple Bar Food Market.

All of this is still pretty irrelevant to my current position, as such foods would be predominantly sourced overseas. I would think oats and maybe a selection of seeds would be Irish grown. I'll check at the weekend.

Have started to keep a record of my days' eats.

Tuesdays meals
  • breakfast Very plain porridge in milk
  • lunch Home baked bread, toasted, with soft-boiled egg with mint tea
  • midday snack Apple and oat bake with hot cooking apple water (as a drink. surprisingly tasty)
  • dinner Boiled potatoes, carrots, steamed broccoli
  • tea Rest of midday snack

Sold a few pictures today (including the one below), which means trip to Dublin to get some good farmers market grub. Woohoo.

Like this; John Salminen via curiousities & clockwork

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