Thursday, June 2, 2011

Need Flavour

Phoned some slightly paranoid jam producers, to figure out the source of the fruits they use. They didn't seem too keen on those sort of questions. Found myself answering more than I was asking. Went for G's Gourmet Jam, blackcurrent flavour, berries grown in Wicklow, or was it Wexford... There is sugar in there though of course. I had hoped sugar might be safe enough, but Ireland hasn't produced it's own sugar since 2007. I haven't opened the jam yet.

Undecided for now on how fussy I'll be on ingredients of products like jams and chutneys. Allowed myself a bit of sugar in my own baking (at least till i get my hands on some honey), but I could start making all sorts of excuses for myself if I start letting things by.

Dinner today was potato, swede and tomato stew type thing, in a stock of nettle, fennel, chives, oregano and bit of basil. It was edible (i'll not offer a recipe though). It could do with salt. Pepper. Onion. Garlic. I'd gotten the swede(turnip) more out of curiousity. Will be eating a lot more root vegetables, and I haven't eaten one of them since I was about 5. Its still an unpleasant vegetable. The nettles were purely for nutritional value. I make nettle tea every now and then. Never for the taste.

Heading to Flatlake festival for the weekend....I may be fasting for a few days.

Here's a watercolour, almost finished;

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