Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ray Caesar and a way of life

"Take all the compliments and criticisms and put it in a bag with a screaming cat …go to a river….take the cat out and cuddle it and throw the bag in the river. Start work …work…finish work!. If you are afraid to do something artistically that’s a good enough reason to try it. Make what you love as that’s the best way to know if someone else will love it. Forget what it “means” …it’s all about how it “feels”..Don’t do it as a career …do it in your spare time and make sure all your time is spare….make sure you get enough fibre."

wise words from an interview with Ray Caeser, see the rest here on Coates and Scarry, with some pictures of his amazing work. love that second last line.

I was in Way Of Life yesterday, a quirky new vintage and craft store in Glaslough. Most likely through the influence of my two sisters, of the temporarily homeless dirty fabulous, i've developed a bit of taste for the more eccentric side of antique. there's lots of cool stuff in here.

a few too many stuffed animals, for my liking, but i do love the sight of a kingfisher.

i want all of these hats.

this is pretty damn horrible, but too crazy not to share. (i've generally got bountiful compassion for all our animal brethren, but i'm starting think this would be a great look for the bloody ignorant runt of a dog across the road that never shuts the fuck up, day or night...) seriously though, an actual armadillo..... messed up....

Haven't been finishing too many pictures recently, what with markets and fairs and trying to sell my wares. The DCU fair went well, thanks to people who came. There was nearly 500 euro raised for Youth Release Ireland. Oh, and i made an awesome swap with the lovely Saralific, on behalf of an aforementioned sibling (though i totally could have kept it for myself...);

lastly, here's one i started today. sometimes feels like there's nothing to be done that doesn't leave all this rubbish and waste pilling up all around. more crap fills up my room than i know what to do with. and i don't even buy things! it gets suffocating.

that dog is driving me CRAZY!!!

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