Thursday, April 8, 2010

Markets and music

i'll be setting up shop at a fundraising fair in DCU on Wednesday 21st of April from 12-4pm in aid of Youth Release Ireland.

"Youth Release is a youth and educational focused organisation which aims to build a youth centre for street children. This centre will be run by a full time youth worker which the project will employ. The money raised will be used to buy land, employ builders and supply centre with educational and materials which aid holistic development. The aim of the organisation is to allow children to develop through the provision of education, art, sport, music and play. There will be a child school sponsorship program linked to the organisation in order for children to enter the education system in local schools."

some new ones i'm working on that i should have finished for it;

who wouldv'e thought drawing stacks of hundreds of sheets of paper might get tedious.....

yesterday's sunniness inspired me to do a bit of gardening. so i planted some peas that have been growing nicely in the window sill, put up a wire frame for support and with a good roomy plastic covering to keep them safe. i do believe peas are the awesomest of veg to grow.

and lastly takcom's lovely video for AU's new release;

Ida Walked Away from takcom™ on Vimeo.

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