Saturday, April 17, 2010

"thats when you make sumthin outta nuthin"

finally finished my little boxed set.

with these sort of things i tend to get stuck at a point on how to finish it. i always forget that the best way is to just do it, whereby "it" tends to work itself out.

so, the box is made from a single sheet off the side of a larger cardboard packaging box (the same kind i use for a lot of paintings and drawings), neatly cut (quite proud with how neatly cut) to shape and covered with black packing paper. for the illustration, i just used a random off-cut amongst one of my many piles of random offcuts (you can always find a use for any size or shape of paper!), and the image i hadn't even planned, a quick ink drawing, my brain had little say in the matter. but i quite like it. i might do a series of similar drawings. they'd make nice book marks.

the books and prints are all printed on recycled or carbon neutral papers and hand bound. i'm trying to suss out more environmentally friendly ways of printing. at the minute its just regular old epson ink and printer. their vague 2050 "vision" doesn't exactly inspire confidence. or trust. printing suggestions are welcomed.

for those who didn't see it last night, check out villagers performance on jools holland. great stuff.

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