Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mmmmmmmusic (Link overload!)

Since my Ipod died a tragically slow death and there doesn't seem to be a cd player in the house that actually works, I've been mostly relying on online streams for musical input. The legit stuff, of course, I don't go in for the illegal downloading myself. It should always be the choice of the artist. And these days there are plenty of artists, blogs and labels offering free music out there.

So, (by brian's request) here's a few that I've been giving ear space;

Harmless noise do a regular feature on free uploads, they did a nice round up of last years releases. Particularly fond of Letter From Belgium's LFB002 and Sunburnt Jets – Low Flying Crow. And everyone should check out Bouts – New Ways Of Saying No :)

New Noise is a weekly podcast/radio show, i'm growing increasingly fond of. Covers a broad spectrum of music, worth having a listen.

There's various folks on Soundcloud. For me this is primarily a source of the Irish experimental/electronica/noise scene and my followees revolve mainly around SSTN artists; Niamh deBarra, Ilex, Euphiophone, Amanda Feery.

Loving this from Amanda, with Dublin String Quartet;

Pulse Presses by amandafeery

In related news, Niamh is working on an album at the minute for release later in the year. I'm providing artwork for the cover, which I'm super excited about. But more on that another time.

And while we're on the subject, check out an interview just published today with brother/audio mastering engineer (stephen/analogheart) at wearenoise.

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