Monday, February 28, 2011

For the music

I've blogged a few times before about Irish electronica artist Ilex, but she's always worth talking about. Lots of lovely delicate layers of repeating beats and melodies, that just warms my brain, whatever the mood. and with a consistent quality that's totally enviable. perfect drawing music.
She just put up a handful of songs on her bandcamp page. which also just looks pretty damn sweet, her own work for the cover art. i highly recommend you download them now. at least give them a deserved listen! a euro's a small price but, means a lot for supporting independent artists.

i have a bunch of stuff to scan in and noodle with, but my arms hate me right now (i have given myself a "no computer before lunch time" rule, but i'm not doing a good job of obeying. as the man says...) anyway, here's some photos instead, then i'm done.

learnt how to make origami pots for seedlings. neato.

i found sunspots, what are actually pencil-sharpenings, in the bottom of a paper cup.

django being slightly magnificent.

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