Monday, February 14, 2011

Homework - Goats in trees!

new-found art director/work monitor, emer, has been kindly assigning me homework, to help spur on various projects and cut down on needless procrastinating. have many projects i intend to get working on this year, so any enforced discipline is muchly welcomed. last weeks homework was on a shared love of that most revered of phenomenons; goats in trees. My homework, therefore, was 20 goats by thursday. we'd also been discussing minature animal portraits, so...

shrigley goats

we have further plans for these tree loving fellows, the homework was just a starter.

this weeks homework is a good one. on a much bigger scale and something i've been meaning to do for ages. i haven't been given a deadline though....thursday again?

also made some much needed edits to the projects section on my portfolio site.


Rosemary said...

I adore these! What size are they? Are you selling them? I love goats!

barry quinn said...

hi rosemary, the plan is to hide them in trees around dublin and have a map and photos on the blog as a kind of Goats in Trees treasure hunt :)
the small ones are 3 x 4cm (about 1/3 size of a business card) and i've a few bigger ones, around 15 x 15cm. i've one on 15cm x 24cm card that i've only sketched out, a tree-winged emily with a goat, which will be for sale.
if you'd like to see more photos send me an e-mail; barryquinnart@gmail

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