Thursday, November 18, 2010

Need Input

thought i might go for an old inspiration post.

i've mentioned her before, but liking ilex's latest tracks. an album will be awesome.

itstormy out there by ilex_

lovely post on But Does It Float of dan slavinsky pics, check it out. but through that wonderfully endless word of hypertext i was also led to Moonriver, not the song, but quite a nice art blog with a very promising "places i folllow" section, which i'm working my way through. for now though...

meant to mention evan harris before. lovely vibe to his work, like old fairy tales and folklore. and i have equal appreciation towards his attitude ; "Most would cringe at the idea of scratching or sanding something they spent hours upon hours painting, but that’s Evan’s favorite part- creating the appearance that this wasn’t made in the 21st century, maybe in the 20th. So, behind every scratch and claw mark, there is a story to tell."

lastly, i'm not sure why, but this has long been a favourite painting. heather horton;

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