Monday, November 8, 2010

Independents... independence... in dependence

Independents Day 2010, yesterday at the Food Co-op, was most enjoyable. Great atmosphere in the place and many a good thing going on. Also met some very beautiful people, which, sales or not, generally makes these things worth it. sales-wise went well though, so thanks to ye kind patrons. i wasn't too sure how i'd fit in, expecting it more centered towards comic and zines, but there was a great mix of stalls. and some great comic artists. Came away with a few particularly nice ones, Liam Geraghty and Philip Barrett's Gazebo was an instant must-have;

and a few very nice bits by Patrick Lynch and Katie Blackwood of Cardboard Press.

Niamh deBarra played a great set. here's a lovely track for SSTN's string series;

Potholing (Live) - For SSTN Strings by Niamh de Barra

and here's new things from the studio. its all skulls and stripes these days;

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