Tuesday, November 30, 2010

breakthru artists

It's been a long snowy weekend. hope everyone's holding up with the chill! personally, i like the snow and ice. i have a fondness for such times when you've no choice but to give way to nature. it's always good to see people made to slow down, a sort of mass acceptance that nothing is necessary or definate.
before the snow hit, i took part in a music/art party and exhibition in jamestown studios, dublin, with breakthru artists. love taking part in these little collaborative pop-up shows. always a good friendly vibe. some sweet tunage by locoswing and sive. super impressed with mark dudley's playing (with both bands), expecially on the gypsy jazz stuff and sadhbh o'sullivan has some great songs with a lovely understated, earnest tone to her voice. thanks to elaine and the gang for inviting me along, look forward to more festivities in futureland, ya? anyway, here's pics, and check links for more info;

christine power and nenook

ollie sweetman and fogey

Sadie Sirloin

christine power and roisin verdon

absolutely loved this deconstructed piano furniture by hugo thompson. want. totally going to be on the look out in skips for some old abandoned piano.

and here was my contribution. it's acrylic on canvas. first time in ages i've done a big piece i've been happy with (this one itself has been on my wall in various forms for over a year). definately want to work on a few more. i'll post later with detailed shots.

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