Thursday, March 18, 2010


so today i put together a little box set, something of a promotional pack to send around to knowledgable folks. i was thinking of making one or two up to sell on Etsy. there's 2 or 3 printed books (with images from hier ünd hier), a selection of postcard-size prints and maybe one or two other fun bits. kind of a selected works of me.

would anyone be interested in that kinda thing? i could do customised ones too, with original drawings. talk to me people.

thanks to euphiophone for sharing this; very old trees

in return, here's more stock textures on flickr. potentially of no use, but i think they're pretty.

i started working on this late last night. there's almost intention in there, right. i plan to do more with it. however i am very fickle...

listening to leSac vs Pip. awesome.

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