Thursday, March 25, 2010

things have happened

there was very upsetting news within the quinn ranks this week. my sisters' vintage emporium, dirty fabulous, has had to shut down due to a fire in their building. lots of uncertainty and sadness in the air. but they have lots of loving support around them. right, people!

some new sketches.

i had the idea that emily was hunting birds to hang them on her branches so she might fly....but i don't think she's that mean. i hope not.

the etsy store will be closed next weekend for a the Crafty Market on Sunday. I plan to have a lot more stuff uploaded to sell afterwards (unless of course I manage to sell it all). For anyone in Dublin on Sunday, drop into the market in Newmarket Square. It's always a great day.

listening to joanna newsom's sawdust and diamonds on repeat. at least 10 times today already. still haven't got the new album yet.


Alexander Kramer said...

Maybe Emily is hoping that wearing a bird-like mask will lure them closer so they land on the branches, and they carry her?

barry quinn said...

its very possible. i'm sure it could work.

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