Saturday, March 13, 2010

new sketches and old paintings

new photos on flickr, drawings and photos;

spent some of the last two days recording some guitar parts for a friends album (the band in question are remaining pretty quiet on the subject for now). will be a while before i have something to put up here from it, but was really pleased with how it went. many thanks to the lads and to the very patient and understanding shane of K9 studios. unfortunately i've no photos, and this is what happens when i try to draw real people with beards and clothes.

took some new photos of a painting i did a year ago, which i plan to put on etsy, along with a few other older portrait style paintings. any interest, let me know.

90cm x 110cm | acrylic and chalk on loose canvas

1 comment:

Nigel said...

We should have a few photos for you soon to be used as evidence of this secret mission. Your contributions sound absolutely brilliant incidentally!

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