Tuesday, December 15, 2009


bringing some pics up for thisisnotashop's annual christmas art fair, taking place this coming weekend, December 17th to 19th. unfortunately it will be their last one as they're closing. tis a shame, its a nice little spot run by lovely people and there's alway all manner of things going on in it. check the site for more details.

anywho, its a first come first serve arrangement for the artists who contribute, so here's the pics i'll hopefully be putting in it;

for only so long
acrylic painting on card, mounted on wood

natural selection
acrylic painting on card, framed

she has hands in leg-warmers
pen and watercolour on paper, framed

i do get awfully uncomfortable with this dirty naming/pricing business...

i'd recommend popping along if you're in the city, even if you've no intention to buy anything. there's always loads of stuff they manage to squeeze into the two rooms from all price-ranges and styles.


jess said...

Hi Barry, Aideen here from thisisnotashop, sadly now closed. I am now proud displayer of "she wears leg warmers" . I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Aideen

barry quinn said...

Hi Aideen. sorry to hear you's closed. will you still be organising events or looking to start new projects? i'm glad you like the picture :) thanks, b.

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