Friday, December 4, 2009

Festive Emily!

i have severe issues with christmas. i think i wouldn't be so critical of it so much if consumerism, over-eating and vast needless energy expenditure weren't put under the name of something that symbolises ideas of compassion, love and responsibility.maybe if it was Happy Get Together With Family Day. or Buy A Load Of Stuff People Don't Need Day. or Waste Even More Electricity Than Normal Day. i try to mentally remove the symbolic christ from christmas, since i've realised it impossible to reason it the other way. but anyway, too close to a theological debate and i've had a can of cider, so, dangerous territory. moving swiftly on, one of the more tangible issues i have is with cards and trees. i thought about and genuinely tried making cards for the coming market, but i couldn't bring myself to it. i've tried unsuccessfully to make vaguely christmas related images, and only today managed this;

emily's not a fan of christmas either. she tries to be loving and giving every day. but sometimes when people aren't looking she does pretend maybe one of the presents is for her.

here's a recent pic...

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