Wednesday, July 8, 2009

knockanstock and kyp malone's lovely beard

i've been asked to do another live art show at this years knockanstock. this is a great little independent festival on its 3rd year running. i played the first year with the sensors and it was brilliant fun, very intimate friendly crowd and plenty of great bands, eclectic range but tending towards the foot-stomping, free-spirited side of the fence. takes place at blessington lake in wicklow, lovely scenic spot. its on the 25th to 27th of this month, check the link above for more info.

today's activites revolved around making a miniature wire and newspaper body for tv on radio's kyp malone's disembodied head. i also made him a little room where he can look at my drawings. tomorrow i think i shall accomodate thom yorke's head. when i've thought of a legitimate reason of why i might possibly be doing this i'll let you know...

lastly, hannah breslin. her work gives me goosebumps. try catch an exhibition of hers. she is beautifully honest and unflinching in her work. though not a style i'd usually be into, i've long been a fan of her stuff. watch 'pink room'.

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