Monday, July 6, 2009

do not buy this book; 'Colorful Illustrations'

came across this on likewise, i'm not in it, just spreading the word...


There is a major crime taking place at the moment and we are all effected. A publisher (seems to be Asian) has stolen the work of many illustrators, from their sites and published them, with the contents of a decent illustration blog, without getting the copyright permission from anyone.

The book is called, 'Colorful Illustrations'

You can check to see if your work has been stolen by going to

You can read about it here. illustrations- 93c-please- do-not-buy- this-book/

If you are one of the illustrators (or not) effected the best thing you can do, at the moment, is to spread the word. Encourage people not to buy the book. Contact the distributors in each country, informing them that they are selling stolen property. Contact shops who are selling the book and insist that they take the book off the shelves.

I'm not in the book but I suggest that everyone in it group together with other illustrators effected (and everyone else) and contact a solicitor who can advise on how to legally stop the distribution of the book. It's urgent that action is taken to stop the sales as soon as possible so that the publisher cannot recoup their costs.

Here are the details of the publisher (pirates) and graphic designer involved. Anyone know them?

Art Director/Producer: Bernadette J
Graphic Design: Malcolm Lee
published by Great Creativity organization
ISBN 978-988-98142-0-5
12/F Chinachem Johnston Plaza Wan
178-186 Johnston Road
chia, Hong Kong


after a good bit of googling on this, its quite impressive the lengths darren diLieto of went to to expose and follow up on this. it was about a year ago, so not too clear on where things are now, but much credit to the man. a legitimate book from contributors to his site can be found here.

be nice to each other,

p.s. it's worth mentioning, this book full of stolen images and interviews costs $100...nice...

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