Wednesday, July 1, 2009

just add water...

more pictures of the SSTN pic, and a few sketches i did for the day. personally i much prefer the sketches. will sort out the large painting soon. her head is squished...for pics of the whole day, check out only born design, aka the delectable melissa conlon, graphic designer and regular contributor to Second Square To None.

sketches and the, so-far finished, piece;

on a semi-related note, and for those who like all things hand-made and etsy-esque, here are some links to the work of the industrious canadian artist and photographer, lindsey kemp, her handmade jewellery, notebooks and knitwear and her photography.

lastly, here's another little oddity for my collection;

not really quite sure what to say about this...

musically, these days, its all mozart, the magic flute. awesome. and some wilco.

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