Wednesday, March 30, 2011


First off, an update on the Red Cross sale, in aid of the people of Japan.
  • €340 raised so far
  • thanks to people who've been able to donate, and for anyone who's blogged about it (like mr euphiophone) or mentioned it on twitter and facebook.
  • there are still a few available, and i'll still be continuing to add to it.
  • i read an article about the importance of bullet-points. i can't remember what it said or where i read it. but i think my life would benefit from any form organisation

Twitter (specifically Myloveforyou) led me to a few art and photo blogs which i've been enjoying. check them out;
brown paper bag
how to make a baby elephant float
cusiousities & clockwork

and from artistaday;
not a huge realism fan, but Julio Reyes drawings and paintings are stunning.

Ruben Ireland has some lovely lovely illustrations (you can also find him here and here);

in other news, i put a linkwithin widget for the foot of each post, showing "You might also like" suggestions from the blog. it seems to makes no sense and the suggestions have little to do with the orignal post... but that may be my lack of organisational skills again.

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