Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drawings for Red Cross

Went for a bit of a drawing marathon last night, with Chris Moyles in the background. They're going for the longest radio show on Radio One, in aid of Comic Relief. They're apporaching 30 hours straight now. Tis good watching/listening.

But yes, I only lasted til 3am, but got a good few drawings done. I'll have them for sale on the site here later today (EDIT: Illustrations are now online available to buy). They're pencil drawings and watercolours on 19cm x 24.5cm bevel-edged card. The card is reclaimed waste from a local framers (Quality Framing, Glaslough st, Monaghan, if you wish to know) that I mentioned a few posts ago. Its really nice to draw on, definately be a regular source!

Will keep doing some more, and upload them as soon as I can. Need to take a bit of a computer break first! By the way, all the pictures in this sale have an optional price to pay, generally between 15 to 60euro. And all money goes to Red Cross. Please, pass on the link to anyone you think would be interested in helping. Consider it donating money to a great cause and getting free art in the bargain! And big thank to everyone who's already bought/donated something :)


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