Monday, October 26, 2009

SSTN @ DEAF in Filmbase

blurry pics and sketches in the dark...

went to see second square to none peoples in filmbase yesterday, part of dublin's annual electronic arts fest. euphiophone and melesta were a bit awesome, great tunes, and seemly oblivious to the crowd, in an only likable manner that suggested they could have been at home in the kitchen discussing what to do for dinner. i did feel urged to dance. the other acts were great, but in my ignorance and absence of memory, i have no idea who was who, so for a more informed overview, check out second square to none and euphioblog over the coming days. overall, was an awesome gig, setup and stage looked great with a good turnout of many a fine folk. in regards the blurry pictures, i'm not a fan of camera flashes at gigs. i prefer grainy shots in grainy venues. oh, and some drawings. thanks to shane for his lighting assistance :)

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