Tuesday, October 27, 2009

selling things

getting a big bunch of drawings ready for the monthly craft market the dublin food coop host in newmarket square. hoping to get into the fair on december 6th. have to go through a selection process, and there'll probably be plenty applying, but even if i don't get into it, i'll find somewhere to sell things. maybe some generous folk will give me an empty room somewhere.

once there're all framed, i'll probably have them around 50ish euro each(always a guide price). there's also the random books and wood-mounted watercolours, card drawings.....i've a serious amount of crap to offload... and since this will probably be the one time i venture willingly out into the real world this season, let me know of special interests or requests. do enough people read this to justify a mailing list?...

anyway, i'll get plenty of decent photos of it all framed and a page up on the site of everything, maybe even set prices, and, gosh darn it, why not some titles too. what one would not do for PR.

in other news; on repeat, headphones a must - dan le sac vs scroobius pip and the amazing jacques brel (these songs don't cease to make me shiver)

now i must lie on the floor for half an hour...(what one would not do for a masseuse)

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