Tuesday, May 19, 2009

from out there

a certain mr colin, of the dublin audio/visual/anthropomorphic experience, Green Lights, recently left this clouded land for the neon glow of tokyo. no longer does he astound us with his musical whimsy, disturb us with his unpredictable on-stage convulsing. now he exposes the potential humour and wonder of divergent cultural oddities in his own little "lost in translation";
only in tokyo

oh, and there's origami...

also, was listening to this american life, a
radio and online talkshow, and i feel the need to pass on a particularly funny and poignant story told by comedian mike birbiglia. his piece starts at 10.00, but the whole show's pretty interesting (joss whedon's musical number is a surprise);
returning to the scene of the crime

and from a different world entirely; fighting fish


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