Tuesday, May 5, 2009

butterflies and bees

i've been going over older pics and redoifying them. above is one such image, which for a long while i liked but was unsure what to do with. turns out it just need a home. also getting a bit crafty with my art. wood could be my favourite thing these days. nothing like painting or varnishing an old bit of wood.

in other news, my vegetable garden, with help from a knowledgable uncle, is doing splendidly. i'm giving away rocket plants to any visitors that pass, the lettuce is of an edible size, the peas, tomatos and courgette have sprouted and i just planted some potatoes the other day. it's a lovely feeling growing things.

i'm setting up an etsy account; mooliki.etsy.com
nothing there yet, i have to sort out payment details before i can start building a shop. then i have to figure out what to put in it. but the banner is nice, yes?

and here's a site from a wonderful artist and friend; http://sarabaume.wordpress.com/

i had other links to pass on, but i can't remember...plus i've been neglecting blogworld with crampy arm disease, so i'm not sure if anyone still visits here.

anywho, peaceful thoughts everyone.

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