Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November

This is a good time of the year. I always find nature especially interesting and beautiful in Winter. When you have to take a bit more time to notice whats living.

Had a market day over the weekend with Jauty Stuff in Powerscourt. It was good fun, if a little quiet. Was one of the most well organised markets I've done, in a great setting (which made the poor turnout especially disappointing). Have to say, I was well pleased with our joint display;

Listening to a lot of Son Lux and Zola Jesus lately. Son Lux, if you're into the likes of Why?, Dirty Projectors, the sort of terribly complex, technically accomplished music that borders on excessively pedantic, but with the craftsmanship and quality of production to get away with it. He's also a very friendly twitterer. Zola Jesus is more for your epic sweeping vocals and moody synths and beats. Conatus would easily be one of my favourite albums this year.

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reub-envision said...

those mushroom/fungi shots are pretty neat !

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